Manage and control your overhead expenses by using best tracking device

In many industries fuel is the biggest overhead expense for them. Not only fleet and logistic companies bear the loss of their vehicle bad performance in fuel efficiency parameters but also there are other companies get affected with increasing fuel overheads. An efficient fuel management system is important to reduce the consumption of fuel and assist companies to make a notable saving on the operational cost.

Fuel tank control

Primary check from where, when and how much fuel was filled into the tank and ensure that all purchased fuel was filled into tank. According to fuel consumption rate drivers and vehicles as well as set real fuel consumption rates for vehicles.

Fuel Tank Control
Fuel Theft Protection

Fuel theft protection

Notice from where, when and how much fuel had used from the vehicle and check live notification. To identify fuel theft events fuel module will help to understand the level of fuel consumption.

Reports and notifications

Detailed reports related to fuel level and fuel consumption will receive which includes total fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, trip start and end fuel level, refuelling requirement and draining events and much more. Also get instant notifications via SMS, email or in-system of fuel consumption related event.

Reports notifications
Fuel data

Fuel data

From a fuel level sensor installed in the fuel tank can collect fuel level and consumption data. Fleet manager can view this data as it is collected and sent to TrustTrack platform.

Capacitance based technology

Our IP-69k fuel sensor technology comes with a fire proof body and minimal maintenance. It uses state-of-art capacitance based technology with reliability and consistency data delivery.